Drip Icee Owner shares heartfelt message of inspiration



Recently Drip Icee posted a heartfelt message:

Hello Thank You for your interest in Drip Icee, 

On our first Small Business Saturday we want to share the story of our owner:

She recently just overcame homelessness & wanted to turn her life around to make her elderly mother proud.

She has the drive & passion that can move mountains. She dreams of helping the smaller communities that resembles where she came from. She dreams of uplifting young black men to be the best they can be and not end up another statistic. 

She dreams of helping many charities including breast cancer and diabetes things that have taken loved ones from her life.

She dreams of being a successful African American female entrepreneur that will motivate and show aspiring business ladies that we can win without a man or government support.

She has a dream that the African American community will spend money amongst themselves and reduce spending with big businesses that do nothing to help your community.

On this faithful Small Business Saturday we would greatly appreciate any love & support share or repost you can provide for Drip Icee, LLC. We promise you we will deliver the most exclusive products and give back to make our community great again!!



DripIcee Owner

“Make Our Community Great Again🙏🏽