Trey songs X girlfriend Tanaya Henry, Laced By Tanaya, attacks new club wear line Drip Icee.

Screenshots of comments exchanged between Tanaya Henry & Drip IceeAs Drip Icee first week of social media presence commences, highlighted by a “Like” from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Star Tommie it appeared that Drip Icee was off to a great start.


A week later Drip Icee receives notifications from several Instagram models claiming their business photos were being used on the site. 


After some heated words were exchanged, Drip Icee did some research and came to the conclusion that the manufacturers were using some of Henry’s images to advertise, along with other images taken with different models. The model in question Tanaya Henry claims to be the photographer of the image and the creator of the outfit. Henry lacking a patent claims that any other person creating a similar items were a “knock off” version of her items. 

Although Henry has a nice collection of highly expensive garments, varying from $499-999 per piece, Drip Icee did not intentionally use her photos to trick people into thinking it was Henry’s Laced by Tanaya collection. Simply a mistake from the manufacturers who used Henry photos as an example. 

Unfortunately  Wilhelmina models such as Henry, are so arrogant. Henry was not the first to create a “all rhinestone” garment, and won’t be the last. Drip Icee offers various flamboyant nightlife attire for no higher than $275 for the complete outfit, way less than any exclusive boutique that typically charges $150-200 per top & bottom. 

Which leads to the key question: Are the Henry models upset that their photo taken of Tiana Parker were reused by another company or are they upset that their items at a better price are being sold to potential customers they could have ripped off for thousands of dollars.